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Mitt Romney, the Mormon Bain Capital front man - NEXUS

Mormon Church, Bain Capital or a multi-national corporation in disguised?

We are all familiar with the old adage of “follow the money”, right? Not with the Mormon Church or with Mitt Romney. In fact, the Mormon Church can be likened to a financial labyrinth that no one can ever find the exit.  One can argue that the Mormon Church is masquerading itself as a religious order, but in reality, it is a shadowy multi-national corporation worth in the tens of billions of dollars.  And someone wanting to unveil the mystery of the deep and clandestine financial empire of the church, a quantum mechanics scientist would be more likely to unravel the inside universe of subatomic particles. However, in the Mormon quantum business physics, if you scratch the surface, you will only find buckyballs within buckyballs – and endless shell companies where one will never see the business-God particle.

Today, the Mormon Church is knee-deep in cash and actively involved in real estate, securities, businesses, land holdings, publishing, TV, radio stations and countless other business enterprises, plus, subsidiaries within shadowy companies – all under a nut shell that no one can penetrate.  In fact, the Mormon Church conducts business world-wide, but is also the largest private land owner in the United States. Moreover, the Church has annual revenues in the billions of dollars, which derive from the steady contribution of church members, dividends, trust and of course, from investment income.  Fortune 500 pegs the wealth of the Mormon Church within ten points from the top 100 richest companies. However, how much wealth or income the church receives or has in acquisition, is truly an educated guess, as the Church has refused public review of its finances since 1959.

It’s a fact; the IRS does not have the wherewithal to delve into the business dealings of the Mormon Church as it is sanctioned pursuant to IRC Sec. 501(c)(3) giving Federal tax exemption to religious groups or non-profit organizations.  In addition, Church following is a behemoth curtain which would stand in the way of any government agency or any individuals wanting to peek. 

According to an ABC News report by Mark Mathews and Brian Ross, Mitt Romney, as a Mormon leader and head of the giant equity firm of Bain Capital, he “carved” his church a juicy slice of lucrative business deals, thus providing the church with millions of dollars worth of stock, stock, stock…!  Why the emphasis you may ask? Well, the concern of every American is with the higher tax bracket for the working poor as opposed to the very wealthy, especially those whose income derives from dividends or capital gains, such as with Mitt Romney, who end up paying less in taxes per capita – or nothing at all.

Stock contributions to LDS church, donations or tax scam?

However! Little known to the rest of the American public is, that contributing tithes to the Mormon Church by its members is not only a practice, it is a requirement  – preferably, in the form of stock. Why? Very well known to Church officials  is that stock donations provide for a more favorable tax treatment for the donor. Under IRS rules, an individual gifting stock to a tax-exempt organization or church will receive a tax deductable donation credit against the full value of the holding (value of stock), thereby also exempting the capital gain of the stock and the gain is also not taxed.  This greatly gives tax advantage to the donor but it also overwhelmingly helps the church by receiving capital gains which are untaxed. Therefore, having this latitude or IRS loophole, a fundamental question must be asked; why would the Mormon Church not be inclined to invest in businesses owned or controlled by the church, in which company owners or members of the same church, would be forced or urged to give contributions to the church in the form of stock – whereby, company stock and capital gains would go untaxed? The advantage to the church is that it gets more revenue.

Mitt Romney and Bain Capital - business prowess or church connections?

Candidate Mitt Romney has made it its hallmark that he is a successful businessman and that he understands and can fix the national economy.  He touts his credentials from his alleged start-up of his business and success of his venture and asset management company, Bain Capital. However, what is not widely known is that he was not instrumental in the start up of the company or perhaps the success of the businesses he claims to have managed or owned.  Instead, it is believed that men in black suits approached Mitt and was offered a leading position in a new business venture –where any and all decisions would be made by those men in black, driving cars with Utah license plates. He was not to know where the new venture capital came from or where it would ultimately end.  We do know of course, that by coincidence, his companies consistently contributed stock offerings to the Church of Latter Day Saints. We also now know, that he has untold holdings or cash stored in offshore accounts.

 Thus, the question remains as to whether many of his alleged assets and resources truly belong to Mitt Romney or owns them by proxy? That is still not clear and he is not talking.  In fact, now as the presumptive Republican nominee, he does not give interviews to the press freely and refuses to answer to questions about his business connections.  When he does appear on Fox News however, candidate Mitt Romney is cuddled with softball and leading questions, which only amount to lighting up the mythical little shinny city on the hill.  And yet, the unknown about Mitt Romney’s finances and connection to the Mormon Church agenda remains elusive.  

In sum, what is troubling about Mitt Romney and the connection with the Mormon Church is that he is known as changing his stripes as with the wind changing direction.  The American public does not know if Mitt Romney controls Mitt or if he would be a president that would be manipulated by extreme interest, either in Wall Street, Salt Lake City or from the Knesset in Israel.  The stakes are too high and the gamble too risky if Mitt Romney was to be elected.

This much we do know; he would provide for more loopholes to Wall Street, help the  very rich, he would arm the military to the teeth and place missile systems umbrellas through out, but, he would also cut much needed social programs.  In fact, he has made a promise that he would make the US military force so powerful, that no one would dare challenge.  Which coincidentally, the Mormon Church evangelical agenda is one which will make it the most prominent religion in the world.  So just imagine, if Mitt Romney was to become President, is in collusion with church agenda, and is given the reigns of US military power, would he not place the country into an apocalyptic course? 

Keep in mind, that Mitt Romney has also resurrected the cold-war with the Soviet Union, a system of government which no longer exist, but has also marked Red China as our mortal enemy.  So, what are we to expect from a man whose stripes can change as the wind blows.  Would he work for Wall Street, Zionism or would he legitimize the Mormon Church as the most powerful religion in the world – in which no one would dared question?  


Anonymous said...

Thank you for writing this. Not enough people understand just how big and powerful this and all other churches are. Its dangerous to involve religion in politics. People tend to die...

Anonymous said...

The more we look for clues as to exactly who is Millard Mitt Romney and what it means to be part of the Mormons, the more sinister it gets. America is in great danger if we elect Mr. Romney